What To Do in Manado

What To Do in Manado
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The largest most-northerly city in Indonesia, What To Do in Manado isn’t just the capital city of North Sulawesi but additionally gateway to a few of the most spectacular wonders in the province. Facing the vast gloomy open seas and backed by some looming active volcanoes, Manado spells fantastic diving, adventures throughout the wild and different cultural heritage attractions. Its wide Pierre Tendean Boulevard bordering the water edge is lined with top class hotels and restaurants serving mouthwatering and hot Manado cuisine.

Therefore, prep your gears! Book your flight! And get ready to attempt a Lot of those Wonderful experiences around the city of Manado:

1 | Dive magnificent Bunaken and Lembeh Strait

If you’re an avid fisherman or underwater splendor enthusiast, then Manado is a perfect place to go for you. Just offshore along the bay of Manado, the Bunaken National Marine Park offers a few of the most fantastic diving experiences in the world. In this magnificent underwater paradise, you can see a good deal of distinctive sea creatures of different shape and dimensions and colors, swimming along steep vertical coral reefs that dip 25-50 meters deep. Cruisers take passengers to the islands.

2 | A close experience with the Tarsius – an icon of Faithfulness and Romance

If you think unique wildlife could only be located underwater, well guess again, those roaming the thick forests of North Sulawesi are also equally spellbinding. Venturing deep into the night in the dense forest of the Tangkoko Nature Reserve near Bitung, keep a watch out for something which might stare back at you with its saucer eyes: a tiny nocturnal primate known as the endangered Tarsius (Tarsius tarsier). Otherwise called the spectral tarsier, these are the smallest primates in the world measuring roughly the size of a fist. The Tarsius has only one partner and remains faithful through its lifetime.

3 | Hiking up Mount Dua Saudara

For everyone who enjoys trekking and trekking adventure, Mount Dua Saudara close Bitung offers dramatic scenery and much more importantly the perfect challenge. Even though it might not be as popular when compared with other more famous volcanoes in Indonesia, but its presence is a boon for local climbers. Standing at 1,351 meters above sea level, it generally takes about 4 hours to get to the summit, which can be quite a challenging hike since climbers should sometimes wade through muddy patches.

4 | Distinctive Made-to-order Knock Down Houses in Woloan Village

The village of Woloan became famous for its industry in traditional knock-down houses that may be hauled and re-assembled everywhere in the world. Mind you; these are real life-sized houses to live in and not only miniatures or replicas. Along the primary road of Woloan, you’ll see a display of different houses where visitors can enter and admire and also order on the spot. The houses are constructed by skilled local carpenters using traditional methods and tough wood, so that houses are sturdy and well built, but could still be easily knocked down for re-installment elsewhere.

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