Travel Guide For Troulos – Skiathos (Greece)

Travel Guide For Troulos – Skiathos (Greece)
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Troulos is a small region in between Koukounaries and Skiathos Town found after two-thirds of the way through the main bus route in the southern region of Skiathos. Troulos is mostly populated by tourists during the holiday season. It is a booming business area with several supermarkets, shops, many hotels, and restaurants as well as taverns. Looking at the number of excellent hotels, apartments and villas available in Troulos and the reasonable selection of great restaurants you can say this is a great area for tourists. Below are some incredible facts about the area.

A Countryside Setting

Troulos rests on the southern region of Skiathos, with olive groves and pine trees sweeping around it. The restaurants located inland serve up excellent meals, especially the local dishes. There are also some great eating places down the bay. When it comes to touring the area, the cosmopolitan capital is it just 20 minutes away. Quite the country setting right?

A Beach in a Bay

The crescent shaped sandy beach in the region is great and conveniently located in a bay that is sheltered by cliffs facing the east and west. The beaches northwestern end is protected by hills with very clear water. It is mostly calm most of the time and is protected by the rocky islet at the bay. Its seabed is sandy and has a fairly gentle slope. There are a lot of free areas at near the water and the outer edges. Pine tree lined cliffs cover the beach at both ends.

Scenic Trails

Dasi Nisou Skiathou Magnisias, the island’s national park, has always drawn hikers to the region since the 1970s. You can make two great round-trips through the pine forestry from Troulos. Wildflowers make the route fascinating, and the Mandraki Bay is the welcome break where tourists can cool off before begin their return journey.

Close to Skiathos Town

An added bonus for Troulos is that it is only a 30-minute drive to Skiathos Town. Where whitewashed tavernas and houses mingle with designer boutiques and hip cocktail bars. Some historical sites include the Bourtzi (wooded peninsula showing what’s left of a Venetian citadel). When it is sundown, the harbor waterfront sprouts alive with authentic Greek restaurants serving delicious spiral cheese pie and the night clubs that play dance and techno music.

Best Location for Adventurers

For individuals who are in love with adventures, there are a number of well-defined walking trails to the Mandraki area, and/or Aselinos beach (though being quite far though). If you are a bold swimmer, you could swim down to the cliffs of Troulonisi, which is the islet opposite Troulos.

Conveniently Located for Getting Basic Amenities

One unique thing about all the excellent features the region has to offer is that it is conveniently located. The facilities provided in Troulos just close enough for tourists to get what they desire. There are many good supermarkets around for daily supplies, so you will not have to go to Skiathos for shopping.

To add fun and a luxurious feeling to your holidays, the pool bars with pools are open to the public. For special reasons, the place is especially more favored by British tourists. Their influence has grown so strong on the region that it looks more like a British settlement sometimes.

Troulos has more than 150 permanent residents and is accessible easily by bus from Skiathos. Around the entire region are a number of great hotels and apartments for tourists. There are also villas and rooms for rent in the region.


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