Top three reasons: – why India is favorite travelling destination

Top three reasons: – why India is favorite travelling destination
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India, it’s a perfect example or you can say that it’s a perfect balance of everything. This place is paradise with its beautiful and amazing locations, flavors, costumes, and languages.  India is seventh largest country with billion numbers in population. It’s a country who is example of bravery, struggle, success and belief. Maybe that’s why India is considered as one of the most favorite destination for foreigners. There are so many things that you can see, taste and feel in India. For travelers, India is a perfect destination with best accommodation facilities. You can get best hotels in India that will suit your budget too. So, are you confused over why India is favorite travel destination and why you should visit here? No worries, here are some top reasons that can help you in understanding more about the related topic.

India: a land of history, culture and tradition

This place have so many things when it comes to history , if you want to feel the reality of your past then you should visit Hampi in northern Karnataka , it was an capital of vijiyanagara that was destructed by a Muslim invaders , it also known as abandoned pillage . You can also visit taj mahal, world seventh wonder and also one of the most famous monument that situated in Agra.  Next place where you should visit is jaliwala bagh, it’s a place who witnessed the cruelty of a Britishers and death of thousands innocent lives.Image result for Top three reasons: - why India is favorite travelling destination

India: a land of wonders with mysterious touch  

If you die for mysteries then India should be your next destination. There are countless places where you need to visit right now! Well, first place where you should visit is bhangarh; this place is India creepiest and haunted spot that attracts huge numbers of tourist. Do you ever see a land with completely white sands? No? Then visit Rann of kacch that located in Gujarat. Not only that , you can also take a tour in magnetic hills that is suited near ladakh , this place Is famous for its strange power that pull all iron made things to up hills.

India: a land of foodies

It’s like heaven for those who love to taste different flavors and tasty cuisines. If you are one of them then plan your tour in India and believe it you are not going to disappoint. This place has huge collections of foods like pav baaji, chole bature, chicken tikka, etc. for sweet lovers. You can taste yummy rosgulla, gajar ka halwa, and many more stuffs!

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