Things to understand about Koh-lipe, The Most Amazing Islands in Thailand

Things to understand about Koh-lipe, The Most Amazing Islands in Thailand
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There are lots of attractions in Thailand like its food, culture, parties, hospitality but aside from them, there’s yet another element which functions like a tourist magnet for couples families as well as other people around the world who’re on the vacation. That element is its number of beautiful islands and beaches, Thai islands are full of the good thing about nature. Those are the shelter of numerous rare verities of wild birds, fishes, and vegetables. Among these we’re sure you’ll want learned about the Koh-Lipe Island, it’s on the other hand from the borderline of Tarutao Park.


Its geographical position enables it to stay away in the special laws and regulations from the park. Simultaneously being at the same enables its visitors to see the good thing about nature and wildlife based on their ease. The Koh Lipe Island is about mesmerizing beaches studded with beautiful limestones and full of turquoise eco-friendly water

The closest airport terminal to Koh Lipe is Hat Yai, have a flight to Hat Yai from Bangkok then obtain a minibus to Paka Bara and from Paka Bara you are able to book a ship to Koh Lipe. There are lots of reputed speed boat services like Andaman ferries which offer an acceptable and comfy journey. There are lots of steps you can take in Koh Lipe like exploring nearby villages, Diving, Kayaking and supply yourself the planet famous Thai Massage. Also, just about everywhere in Koh Lipe there is a renowned Thai street food.

Three primary beaches and boat to Koh Lipe would be the tourist’s favourites the Sunset Beach this beautiful natural place got this name in the unique evening phenomenon that can take place each and every night. It is best for couples who wish to write their very own bestseller love story, as well as for some seniors couples and families too who wish to soak themselves in the good thing about nature silently.


The 2nd beach that is famous around the world because of its happening parties and never so quite atmosphere may be the Pattaya Beach. As the beach maintains its status to find the best at school party place not just nature ones which you’ll find around the Walking Street but the warm and friendly too. Additionally, it features attractions for the whole family a number of them are

Pattaya point of view and Pattaya Sign

Galleries like art in paradise

Grand Temple Wat Chaimongkol ( it’s the hub of numerous cultural and non secular occasions)

Fun fact demonstrators like Ripley’s surprisingly, stuffed animal museum etc.

Coming lower to the third attraction the Sunrise Beach, it’s placed near Chao Ley Village in Koh Lipe. It’s the best spot to help you realize that watching the sunrise can also be equally mesmerizing as watching the sunset. However, it is advisable to visit noisy . morning while you would surely like to click some images of the peaceful view. Also, be sure to possess some enriched street food breakfast nearby.

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