Things to do in Malaysia

Things to do in Malaysia
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Are you a mountain lover? Or do you like delving deep inside the sea? Maybe you just want to lose yourself into the wild? Malaysia comes with a promise to help you accomplish it all. Here’s a look at some of the things you can do there on a promising trip.

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  1. Climb Mount kinabalu

Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia and is a world heritage site. The fatigue rigorous yet exciting climb up this mountain is overshadowed by the breath-taking feeling when you reach the top; the scenic beauty is mesmerizing and the view is truly captivating.  The calmness of the surrounding is enthralling and there is nothing quite like breathing in the fresh mountain air.

  1. Go up to Mount Cincang

Langkawi Island has a lot to offer for those with wanderlust and Cincang is a worthy example of this. Cincang is the second highest mountain on the island and is one of the top tourist attractions. You can explore the mountain and even reach its peak by an exhilarating journey in a cable car. The breathtaking view of the island, the sea and the rain forest you will pass through on your way up will surely overwhelm you.

  1. A serene boat ride through Kilim Nature Park

Situated in Langkawi, the Kilim Nature Park is 100sq km mangrove swamp. Along with the magnificence of the mangrove forest it also offers a beautiful white beach and blue lagoons for you to explore. Take a boat ride in the clear blue lagoons and relax in this natural retreat.

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  1. Dig up in to the wilds of Taman Negara National parks

Take a tour into the beautiful wilderness of the Taman National Parks. Once you get into the depth of the rain forest you will undoubtedly surrender yourself to nature and nature itself will guide you through the incredible wild life and bestow you with the tranquility your body and mind needs.

  1. Venture through the caves of Gunung Mulu National Park.

The longest cave network of the world awaits you at the Gunung Malu National Park. If you are interested in history and anthropology, this place will surely intrigue you. Largely known for the natural chamber or room known as the Sarawak Chamber. There are only a few ways to visit the GunungMulu National Park and perhaps the remoteness of this area makes it all the more alluring to the tourists who visit. Other than the appeal of adventure, the ecotourism activities will also help you learn more about the park values and its significance.

  1. Say hello to the monkeys in Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre.

Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre in Sandakan consists of a population of monkeys.  Visit the home of these monkeys and get a chance to interact with them as well. These are monkeys that were lost or injured in the wild and are brought to be rehabilitated before they are sent back to their own environment. This lovely little sanctuary should be a fun and yet humbling experience.  So you might as well take the opportunity to meet a bunch of cute monkeys.

Malaysia is an amazing place that can offer a very budget friendly vacation. You can always find good deals and tour packages online. And with Malaysia’s marvelous aesthetics and incredible history it is difficult to evade the urge to visit at least. Be it the mountains or the forests, the flora or fauna, each element of the nature seems to await your presence with arms open wide with a promise of offering the adventure of a lifetime.

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