The Blue Temple Chiang Rai: A Place You Must Visit

The Blue Temple Chiang Rai: A Place You Must Visit
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Most people who visited Thailand say that the White Temple is the best Chiang Rai temple, closely followed by the Black House. But what I personally feel is that the Blue Temple is not yet as highly rated as compared to other temples mainly because it is new and therefore relatively undiscovered. The building commenced in the year 2005 and finished in 2016.

The beauty of its lively blue shading accompanies the special reward it not being overcrowded, making the Blue Temple Tour a more spiritual experience. The temple is quick and easy to visit – you can drive straight up to the temple, pop in and pop out. Listed below are a few important notes on the Blue Temple.

History: Blue Temple

The Blue Temple was built by the local people. The temple is named after the village it’s found in – Rong Sear Tean.

Sear Tean accurately means dancing tiger. The story goes that there used to be tigers than would jump over the river and this is how the village got its name.

Blue Temple: Appearance

  • The entrance to the Blue Temple is pretty impressive. You pass between two giant, blue statues, decorated in the same style as the temple.
  • The temple itself is a lovely piece of architecture. It has numerous standard temple elements; like (1) tiered roof (2) Chinese dragons flanking the steps and it’s the craftsmanship and detail that makes this temple spectacular.
  • The dragons outside the temple are of particular note. There are multiple dragons intertwining around the steps. Everything’s painted in metallic paints so it shimmers and glitters in the sun.
  • Once you enter the temple, you will find a huge white Buddha in the centre and artwork covering every inch of wall.

How to Reach Blue Temple

The blue temple is just a couple kilometres outside of the centre of Chiang Rai in Rong Sear Tean.

There’s no civic transport, but plenty of taxis and Tuk Tuks. You can also reach to this temple on one of the Chiang Rai temple tours.

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