The best places to visit in Indonesia

The best places to visit in Indonesia
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There is always a side to you, which you leave unexplored. Lucky are those who can afford to get into such extravagant luxuries. No not luxury of five and seven stars hotel rooms or the ones which come from sparkling wines and expensive Caviars.No notthose.

Let’s talk about Luxuries, which change you from within.

Take five days out of what you are currently boggled down with and discover asian countries. Leave your work and the deadlines behind. Go and be a visitor to “The Islands of the Gods” and visit Indonesia.

  • Bali

Scuba diving:Yes you heard me right! Splash out of the water leaving all your stress and issues behind that would be the ultimate kick start to your five day respite. The beaches of Bali are waiting for you.

You may also try out the Balinese Architectural Tour. It is beautiful and will give an awesome experience. Here you can discover the architectural and traditional culture of Bali.

  • Mount Bromo

Go for Mount Bromo, which are the most famous volcanoes of Indonesia. Go for a long walk. It is better to find local guides on to enjoy your trip and explore the beauty of nature wanting to embrace you with each step you take forward.

  • Komodo National Park

Go for the Komodo or theLorentz National Park, the Jellyfish lake in Borneo and the Orangutan in the wild, this will help to connect with wildlife.

  • Lombok

Light up the dark sides to your nature by visiting the Gili Islands of Lombok. These islands have a lazier than lazy life pace, beautiful cafes which leave aromas that go far in to the minds and woods around the place. Hire a bike and ride around. It is known as a quieterBali shadow, this place is becoming muchfamous visit place. Visitors come to escape heavy crowds and enjoy green mountains and blue waters.

  • Tanah Lot Temple

It is an important and never to miss landmark in Indonesia. It is famous for unique offshore setting along with the sunset backdrops.

  • Jakarta

Visiting the museums of Jakarta will offer you with an awesome experience of historical and art. Jakarta is famous for different museum and collection of art and historical pieces.

Beautiful is the word which you come back with along with a peaceful smile on your lips. The country elevates you, brings you closer to your inner self. Start your journey through spices and orchards of Gods and their stories.

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