Places You Must Visit Japan

Places You Must Visit Japan
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Overall, Japan is the country everyone should visit in their lifetime. It would take a long time to see every interesting place it has, and a great thing is that there are all sorts of things you can do. It is advanced in technology, so you can see automatic stores, beautiful skyscrapers, and unique robots, but also it has beautiful nature including bamboo forests and parks.

The main reason for many people is the culture which is well-known around the world. With a great guide, you will find out many things you haven’t known before about the people and the culture. You can always check ratings online or ask a friend for advice when picking an agency. Agencies in Japan like All Japan Tours, have the same goal of providing the best service, so your job is only to check which destination looks the most attractive.


You may hear stories about Kyoto, but visiting it is much different. You can see traditional Japan there with all the beautiful things it is related to. Geisha in kimonos walking around is a normal thing. There are a lot of temples and bamboo forests. The Shrines are out of silver and gold where you can have traditional dishes on handmade plates. There are a lot of tea ceremonies, and you can visit markets that are full of ingredients you can find only in Japan.

The downtown is the part you shouldn’t visit if you are looking for peace and beauty because too much is going on there. Near the mountains are the most beautiful places in Kyoto. You will find there a lot of monks and stone streets with wooden houses. The place with most temples is Higashiyama and one of the most traditional neighborhoods is the Arashiyama.

Some of the most iconic places include red torii gates of Fushimi Inari shrine. You can learn to cook their traditional food as an activity. One of the temples in the hills is the Kurama-Dera temple surrounded by forest. Other temples you can visit include Otagi Nenbutsu-Ji and Tenryu-Ji.


Takayama is a completely gorgeous small city on the side of the Japan Alps and one of the greatest places in Japan that aren’t visited as much as other popular places. It is a great experience to wander around the historic center that has a lot of colorful shrines, wooden houses, bright red bridges, and neatly shaped trees. There are a lot of things to do, so you should plan to stay for more than two days there.

People who visited Takayama said that you should try getting up early in the morning and go to the old town before crowds arrive. You can try some famous dishes like rice balls grilled in soy called mitarashi-dango. They are also famous for their floats which you can see at Festival Floats Exhibition Hall. Read more on this page.


Usually on the list for what to visit is Mount Fuji, but Hakone is one of the places that has the best view on Mount Fuji and it is often hidden by clouds. You can find many places where you can see the mountain from, but Hakone is easily approachable from Tokyo and there are more activities to do than other places near it.

It is a whole new experience when the clouds are over the Lake Ashi and over them is the peak of Mount Fuji. You have cable cars if you want to get to a higher point and take pictures. Also, a great tourist attraction is the pirate boat which you can have a ride on.


Nikko is the UNESCO world heritage site and a temple town which is great to visit if you want to get out of the town. It is a few hours from Tokyo located in the mountains. Toshogu Shrine is the main attraction which is a charming complex with a lot of lavishly decorated gold and red buildings right next to ancient, huge cedar trees.

There are a lot of visitors even if it’s outside the town. There are organized travels from Tokyo to Nikko that last one day, but if you like it there are options to stay for a couple of days. There are a lot of hot springs, hiking trails, waterfalls, and lakes.

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