Montjuïc: the magic mountain that never ceases to amaze

Montjuïc: the magic mountain that never ceases to amaze
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 Barcelona likes to be a multi-faceted city, to have a wide range of offers for all tastes and ages. But if we had to choose an area in Barcelona that synthesizes all those characteristicsthat make it a fascinating and eclectic city, that place is, no doubt whatsoever, Montjuïc.

The so called“magic mountain” is a place where we can go to have fun,practice a sport, party in Poble Espanyolat the Hivernacle Pop Up Club, attend a concert either at Palau Sant Jordi or the Olympic Stadium, enjoy a circus festival, visit the best museums of the city and a long etcetera. This privileged corner of the Catalonian capital will not fail to surprise you. Below, we will unravel the most curious and emblematic places to fully discoverMontjuïc.

The MNAC: the immense front door

As soon as we cross the Venetian towers, we realize that Montjuïc is massive and that it is like a world apart, since it has nothing to do with the rest of the crowded touristy Barcelona.

A hundred fountains open the way through the gardens of Maria Cristina to the mother of all the fountains: the magic fountain. An ingenuity of engineering that brings together every day thousands of curious people who fall in love with their game of lights, music and water movements.

After the fountain, the imposing National Palace (now “National Museum of Art of Catalonia”, MNAC),although it looks like one of the oldest cathedrals, it is barely a hundred years old. Built for the International Exhibition of 1929, it now houses paintings, sculptures and architectural works, suchas the most beautiful frescoes and altarpieces of the pre-Romanesque churches of the Aran Valley.

The PobleEspanyol: much more than a village

Without having to climb all the stairs that are escorted by the set of waterfalls before the MNAC, we can approach Montjuïc from the beautiful modernist building of Caixafórum. A way that takes us to one of the most privileged corners of Barcelona: the PobleEspanyol.

An ensemble of houses, streets and squares that reflect the popular architecture of the whole country and serve as a stage for celebrations, fairs, concerts and events such as the mentioned Hivernacle Pop Up Club or the famous Brunch –In The Park.

The Olympic ring: much more than a memory

In the middle of the mountain, we find the spectacular complex that form the Palau Sant Jordi and the Olympic Stadium, flanked by other facilities such as the BernatPicornell swimming pools which, far from being a place to remember the spectacular Olympic Games of 1992, have been integrated in the set of services for the enjoyment of bothlocals and visitors.

The telecommunications tower of Calatrava is the icing on the cake of an image that offers one of the most spectacular views of the city, as well as incredible concerts, the best sports activities and other great events.

The castle: the best of the top

Nothing better to crown a magic mountain than the castle that served to defend itfor centuries. Montjuïc has some pretty amazing views to the Mediterranean from a 17th century castle that not only avoids attacks by pirates and enemy armies, but also hosts the international circus festival during the Mercé festivities, an open aircinema during summer and a multitude of activities more that bring its history closer to anyone who wants to know it.


Endless gardens

From the botanical gardens to those surrounding the Greek theater, which have being clearly inspired in the gardens of the Generalife of the Alhambra in Granada, the gardens of Montjuïc are lush and varied.

In addition to these two examples, we can find a beautiful collection of water lilies and lotus flowers in the gardens of CintoVerdaguer, as well as huge slides in the “mirador del Alcalde”, an excellent balcony to the Mediterranean in the Miradordel Migdíaand endless and diverse spots with green as the main protagonist.

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