Men’s Expandable Tactical Redy Backpack Daypack Bag Review

Men’s Expandable Tactical Redy Backpack Daypack Bag Review
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Backpacks are a top accessory for anyone who loves the outdoor experience. It’s easy to stuff all your things when going for camping, the mountain hike or climb or travel. Having the right tactical backpack can ease your expedition greatly.

Tactical backpacks have been in the market for a while now and there are several varieties present on the market. The Expandable Tactical RedyBackpack Daypack Bag equipped with molle hydration makes one of the best tactical backpack reviews, 2017.

Why Opt For the Tactical Redy Backpack Daypack Bag?


The Expandable Tactical RedyBackpack will be up to the task whatever the situation you face. It works just fine in all environments, both indoor and outdoor.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose solution, then it’s just the right backpack for you. These tactical backpacks can withstand a lot of materials and equipment.

Light Backpack

Despite the many features and capabilities, it possesses, it only weighs 2.4 pounds. It’s still able to carry loads without showing any signs of stress on its edges. Funny enough, a good number of the bag users are affiliated with the military sector.

This is an indication of the faith they have when it comes to durability. The 600D high-density polyester material is clear proof that this bag can withstand everyday rugged use.

Expandable Tactical

The backpack can be unzipped from its bottom which runs across the entire shoulder strap perimeter adding an extra 2 inches more in space within the pack.

The Backpack Straps

A Molle strap system where the external gear can be attached. The straps ensure your equipment remains in place whether you are climbing or running. The stability they offer is incredible.

 You can thus be assured that your backpack will not be moving about when you are going on your mission or engaging in a sensitive activity. On its shoulder straps is D-rings. On the bag, sides are load compression straps that will hold onto the load.

Extra Accessories

Other notable additions to this tactical backpack are Hydration friendly in that it’s equipped with a water bladder pocket within its main compartment with a tube pass hole at its top.

4 zippered side pockets can come in handy for small gear that you might frequently use without having to unpack the entire load.

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Main Beneficiaries of the Expandable Tactical Redy Backpack Daypack Bag

This is the best tactical backpack for men who frequently engage in outdoor activity. They might also suit anyone who needs a military friendly tactical backpack.

It can go well with forest rangers, campers’ security guards, cyclists, hikers, mountaineers, travelers among others who are frequently exposed to rough environments.

It’s also a great pick for school as it can accommodate all your study books. Depending on their trade, profession or activities, the invention of the tactical backpack has been highly appreciated.


  • The bag has a great design.
  • The inside is sizable enough to accommodate a lot of storage due to the Expandable Tactical feature.
  • Great side pockets for quick access to smaller items.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps.

Final Verdict

Having several incredible features, the bag meets the quality test. It’s also a worth money investment considering it’s not expensive when compared to other top tactical backpack brands. The Tactical RedyBackpack Daypack Bag is a must have accessory.

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