Lisbon Attractions – Ancient and Modern

Lisbon Attractions – Ancient and Modern
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According to legend, Lisbon was established by Ulysses, and the city was in ancient times witness to bloody battles for possession by Greeks, Carthaginians and Phoenicians. The city was ruled by the Romans for close to 2 centuries from two hundred and five BC. The city became the capital of Portugal in the thirteenth century, and rapidly expanded to become the administrative, financial, cultural and entertainment hub it is now. Lisbon is among the centers of cultures of Europe, and Lisbon attractions are a blend of the modern and the past. A Lisbon holiday will be an experience in itself.

Lisbon is among some of the most rewarding locations for travelers worldwide, there is no dearth to things to do in Lisbon. The city of Lisbon has two faces to its attractions. There are in fact two parts to the city. One is wholly modern, there are a whole range of attractions here like top notch restaurants, night clubs, museums, ateliers, art galleries, shopping malls, and a whole range of modern Lisbon attractions. There are a whole range of things to do in Lisbon’s modern areas.

The older parts of Lisbon are truly magical in their being. There is a palpable sense of intrigue and romance in the air. The historical monuments here are significant and of particular interest to history aficionados. There are a whole range of Roman remnants that have innumerable ancient points of interest. There are a whole range of Gothic churches as well.

Main Lisbon attractions and things to do in Lisbon

The major attractions of Lisbon are given below. There are a range of attractions that will make your Lisbon holidays a heavenly experience, and one unparalleled in the dose of culture, lifestyle and more.

Cristo Rei

Cristo Rei is a huge statue of Jesus, and is very much like the statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. There are some heavenly views of the city to be had from atop this monument, and there are some souvenir shops that sell religious and Cristo Rei memorabilia.

Castelo de Sao Jorge

Castelo de Sao Jorge was erected in the 15 t h century and is a worth while attraction, the views atop the castle are nothing short of amazing, with a whole views of the city and the surrounds to be seen. The palace housed the royal family close to 2 century duration. There is no entry charged for entry into the castle.

Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

This is a Manueline style monastery, and has been created using a combination of both Gothic and renaissance styles. The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is a must visit is you are interested in architecture.

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These are the main attractions you need to see when you take a Lisbon holiday.

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