Lisa Dudzik Perth – Making the Most of Your Australian Holiday

Lisa Dudzik Perth – Making the Most of Your Australian Holiday
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Australia is a terrific place for a vacation. Every year people from Europe and Asia come to this land of natural scenic beauty and adventure every year. However, in order to make the most of your trip to Australia, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. One of them is the sun- Australia is sunny and so always carry a good sunscreen and mind the sun when you are out. The sun in Australia is very strong, and so if you step out without sunblock, you will get burnt when you head back home or a new travel destination in the world.

Lisa Dudzik Perth – Interesting facts about Australia

Lisa Dudzik Perth is an avid traveler who loves going to new places. She also writes about her experiences in her blog so that people can read about them and learn interesting things about the world when they travel. When it comes to the climate of Australia, she says that the sun is not different here, but it has the tendency to be quite strong on the skin, so it is prudent to come prepared especially if you are a first- time traveler to Australia.

Tips to stay away from sunburn and keep yourself hydrated

She says you should balance the time in the sun with the shade. It is prudent to wear sunscreen and cover your body from the glare of the sun’s rays. Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Note hydration does not mean beer or alcohol. Plain water is good for keeping you hydrated and cool.

The Australian “Summer in Winter”

Yes, Australia is summer during the months of December to March. Lisa Dudzik says that the weather here is very surprising and so you should be prepared to face an unpleasant very hot summer unlike Europe and North America. There are some parts of the nation where it rains intensely. So, check AU websites to know more about the Australian weather and places like Brisbane and the East Coast gets a lot of rainfall. Some places are super dry, and they become places for bushfires. You should keep them in mind when you visit them and take precautions if there are alerts. If you plan to visit Australia during the rainy season make sure you come with an umbrella and a good raincoat.

Lisa Dudzik Perth says that if you wish to drink during the night, choose local drinks. Australia has a number of local drink brands along with micro-breweries that are worth testing when you visit Australia. You can take suggestions from the locals when it comes to choosing the best drinks for tasting. You can also visit some of the famous vineyards to taste the wine of the nation. The experience of tasting new drinks is fun, and you will be surprised to find a huge variety of drinks that have a unique taste and worth recommending to others that plan to visit Australia soon.

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