Let the Professional Destination Managers Help Plan Your Holiday

Let the Professional Destination Managers Help Plan Your Holiday
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At one time in the not-too-distant past, individuals would be satisfied with having a travel agent arrange airline tickets and a hotel room in the destination city. If the travellers were fortunate, the agent could also find one or two interesting activities close to the accommodations. Beyond that, many people were on their own when they left on holiday.

Things have changed significantly in the past few decades, with many changes taking place in just the last few years. In this new millennium, the individual who once worked as your travel agent is now ready to assist in a new position, something closer to destination manager. Not only will he or she assist with transport and basic accommodations, but he or she will also work closely with you to ensure that your time is fulfilling in a way that was absent not too long ago.

Change of Focus

The emphasis is on much more than knowing the best price for public transport or finding the lowest-priced hotel room. You can now work with professionals who know their region intimately and can guide you to activities and experiences unlike any other in the world. Freedom Destinations recommend having a multi-centre holiday to customise your travel experience

You’ll find access to hundreds of experts who know their country and their region extremely well and are determined to share their passion with you. As you browse the site, read a bit about Vietnam’s amazing landscape and scenic beauty. When you travel to this intriguing place, be sure to experience the unique cuisine and interact with some of the most engaging people on the planet.

Set your sights on Thailand, which for years has been a fascinating travel destination, both exotic and exciting. Those who return from this kingdom tell of the gorgeous mountains, beaches, and islands set in emerald oceans. The same can be said of Cambodia, a rugged landscape offering many opportunities for adventure in addition to luxurious accommodations.

There’s More

When you make your arrangements with one of the leading travel companies in the world, you have access to more than two decades of experience. These professionals have helped hundreds upon hundreds of people enjoy Laos, Myanmar, Japan, China, and Malaysia, always delivering colour and culture that promises to make your holiday memorable. In fact, if you would like to experience a bit of each country, you can arrange a tour that passes through five nations.

Now home to hundreds of experienced travel managers, this unique firm grew from an idea shared by three young entrepreneurs in 1993. Opportunities expanded with the addition of Myanmar tours until the growing company offered dozens of outstanding options for travel in the region. It’s now possible to arrange your holiday in one of several sales offices in Europe and the UK.

When you’re planning to travel to one of the amazing countries in the catalogue, be sure to browse the website to learn more about what is offered. Then talk to a knowledgeable representative to start your journey.

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