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For a city as vast as Rome, touring around can be a bit tricky with an unplanned itinerary. Because there are so many structures to see and places to go, you can quickly get overwhelmed with what the Eternal City can offer. If you are reading this piece am sure that Rome was on your list since such country offers great tourist destinations that you would truly love, and below are some tourist attractions you can’t miss during your last day visiting Rome. Be sure to check out these spots below as these spots would complete your vacation in Rome:


Colosseum – this place is commonly featured in movies and one of the places that you shouldn’t miss since this is also one of the oldest architectural wonders in the world. It is more or less 1920 years old. This place was home to gladiator games in the old days. This place is not fully restored but it is till beautiful and one of the most frequented spots in Rome by many tourists as well as locals.

St. Peters Basilica – this is very popular among Roman Catholics. This is where St. Peter was buried when he died. This basilica boasts the masterpieces of well-known artists with the likes of Michelangelo and Maderno. The splendor of St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the things that you should not miss when you go to Rome. If you are a Roman Catholic, your vacation to Rome would never be complete if you were not able to check out this amazing basilica.
Spanish Steps – The famous Spanish Steps is a must visit site for tourists, and you may likewise consider visiting Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna and Villa Borghese, which are all situated nearby one another. Everyone goes to the Spanish Steps, walk up them, walk down them, sit on them, take a picture or two and soak up the atmosphere with love.
Ostia Antica – Let us be honest, whenever a tourist is thinking about what to see in Rome, the Ostia Antica probably would not be the first site you came across. This underrated site is one of Rome’s best tourist attractions. Ostia contains the amazingly well-preserved remains of Rome’s ancient port.

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When Italians think of a good food in Rome without any doubt, the first answer that comes to mind is carbonara; it is painful to imagine life without it as a tourist. For Rome’s best carbonara, you can visit Flavio al Velavevodetto restaurant.
From baccala (salt cod) to seafood, to Fiori di Zucca (zucchini flowers), to suppli’ (fried rice balls). In Rome, many fried foods reign supreme, and when you hear fried you are thinking of your heart health immediately, but a little now and then won’t kill you and when they taste oh so good, so just give it a try. Nevertheless, you are on vacation.
After checking out from your hotel room, you need to avoid last day’s glitches and make sure you don’t miss anything wonderful by touring light and spend your last day in town without carrying your luggage with you, and that is why you need to find a solution to keep your luggage safe and secure while you enjoy your last vacation period in town. For best luggage storage network operating in Rome visit BAGBNB Rome Luggage Storage. With BAGBNB your luggage is safe and secure with a unique service and reliability.

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