Find Nirvana Using The Best Wellness Retreat Package

Find Nirvana Using The Best Wellness Retreat Package
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If you’re in search of a refreshing vacation which will refresh your spirit, plan to create a visit to one of these simple exotic resorts that offer the very best wellness retreats in India. Ayurveda, the traditional healing system asia, teaches us our mind, body, and spirit are thoroughly intertwined with one another with our surroundings.

Wellness retreats in India are drawing travelers from all across the globe in search of healing and nirvana. From Ayurveda to Yoga, from meditation to therapeutic programs, spas and wellness retreats in India provide a reviving mixture of western and eastern therapies. Ideas bring the finest wellness retreats in the united states –


Ananda Resorts

Nestled superbly within the peaceful Himalayan foothills, bounded through the elegant Sal forests and overlooking the calm Ganges, this exotic resort leads you to definitely a sacred path towards the ultimate. Ananda Health spa isn’t just a retreat which will make you amazed using the mysticism of their setting but probably assist in redefining the right path of existence by integrating the lengthy-established wellness practices of Vedanta, Ayurveda, and Yoga coalesced with first-class Oriental and European wellness encounters.

Offering a number of Wellness services from rejuvenation and fitness to detox and weight reduction, Ananda Resorts is positioned one of the better wellness retreats in India.

Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort

The Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort can be found in a wide open tropical garden close to the famous Marari beach and comprises thirty luxury villas & a standard Ayurvedic Health spa. The exceptional thatched villas mirror both modern European architecture and traditional Kerala influences within their construct. This ecologically sustainable resort dexterously combines the lavishness and luxury of the luxury hotel using the proficient utilization of alternative energy and up to date water treatment techniques.


In the resort, travelers can tour the river or backwater to gaze in the dazzling paddy fields of Alappuzha, cycle with the villages, benefit from the performances by local traditional dancers and Kerala’s popular percussion music, join the first-morning yoga sessions, unwind in the health spa, release up by the pool, as well as try their hands during the night fishing.

CGH Earth Resorts

Located in flourishing Kollengode village from the Palakkad district, KalariKovilakom is that this century-old palace from the early Vanguard Kingdom in Kerala. Now, KalariKovilakom continues to be restored and renovated into a very beautiful Ayurveda hospital where one can experience pure and undiluted traditional Ayurveda healing inside a peaceful and weird setting. KalariKovilakom promises to provide the finest Spiritual retreats in India.

Ayurveda, if properly adopted, assures not just a restored mind and body but additionally a serious exposure to the spirit. Kalari offers customized treatment to the visitors, as well as the meals that’s offered is individual. To uphold the ethnicity from the palace, alcohol, leather footwear or meat isn’t allowed to go in Kalari.


A peaceful retreat near the magnificent ocean, Somatheeram is among the finest Ayurveda resorts in Kerala. The earth’s earliest Ayurvedic center, Somatheeram is situated at Chowara Beach around the fringe of a little hill, a couple of kilometers from the Kovalam Beach. Among the top Ayurvedic beach resorts in Kerala, it’s been supplying effective and genuine Ayurvedic healings in excess of twenty years. The accommodation is definitely the idealblend of Yoga, Ayurveda, beach, and culture.

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