Facts You Must Know About Maldives

Facts You Must Know About Maldives
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You Can Swim Alongside Whale Sharks

True. The Maldives is home to the enormous species of whale sharks. These magnificent creatures can be witnessed all through the year on this island.  If you are good at diving, you sure can swim alongside them and feel like a mermaid. It will be a really close and personal experience. An experience which you would cherish this lifetime. These whale sharks are a must watch if you are visiting the Maldives.

The Maldives is Safe country

True. In spite of being so secluded and unexplored, Maldives is one of the safest countries for tourists.  The crime rate of Maldives is hardly a number and tourists have had no complaint from the locals and vice versa. Peace is maintained throughout the country by its strict laws and the citizens who adhere to it.  So, safety is never an issue here, no matter you travel in a group or solo.

Sun Protection needed.

True. The Maldives being situated really close to the equator receives sunlight at almost a 90-degree angle. So be prepared and carry a lot of sun protection if you love basking in the sun. The resorts take all the measures to provide you with immense shade and required necessities, but you got to be extra careful if you have sensitive skin. Better to indulge yourself in some activities, especially during the afternoon sun.

Maldives is a new country every year

True. Well, the Maldives sandbanks and islands change their shape according to the climate and sea changes. The sand gets carried away by sea; thus, the island in that part vanishes. Then the sea deposits sand on a new area and a new part of the island is formed. This country also has sandbanks disappearing and new ones emerging every year.

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