Discover Singapore’s Serene and Exclusive Private Eco-island

Discover Singapore’s Serene and Exclusive Private Eco-island
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Just a couple of hours away from Singapore, there is an eco-island which is an exclusive hideaway. It’s known as Bawah Private Island and it’s situated close enough to Singapore to be a viable holiday retreat for Singapore residents. This island isn’t open for tourists yet, but it will be during the warm-weather months of this year.

Nestled within the unspoiled archipelago of Anambas, within the nation of Indonesia, this eco-island provides guests with the ultimate in natural beauty and serenity. It may be reached by ferry, via Singapore. However, tourists will need to take private seaplanes after they embark from the ferry which travels from Singapore to the Batam region.

Once their seaplanes land, they’ll be greeted warmly by eco-island staff and then be escorted to their eco-friendly beach villas. There will also be water villas and a trio of garden villas. All of the villas are beautifully-decorated and include fancy bedrooms, spacious bathrooms and lounge areas which offer the opportunity for pure and deep relaxation. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

As well, the eco-island will be home to a club house which is nestled in a tree top, in addition to a pavilion for yoga and an infinity pool which will be built at the front of the beach. The island also features a spa where visitors may get pampered as they enjoy their holidays.

This exciting new resort’s structures are run according to the dictates of the Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator program, which is also known as REIDS. It provides ninety percent of energy to Indonesian homes and businesses which are classified as being “off grid”. Energy is all renewable. The REIDS program was formally launched during a summit related to clean energy, during 2016.

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Will You Visit the Eco-island?

If you’re in Singapore and you love environmentally-friendly holiday options, you may want to book a getaway to this private and gorgeous island. You’ll see the benefits of renewable energy up close and personal and you’ll be able to enjoy superb amenities, as well as surroundings which are peaceful, pristine and beautiful.

While many Singaporeans are choosing to visit China when they have free time to roam and explore, it’s possible to find wonderful getaway options just two hours from home. This exceptional island is bound to become a popular choice for tourists who want to embrace planet-friendly relaxation, on their own or with friends and family.

To stay in the loop, be sure to check for updates about this interesting and unique eco-island. You’ll surely see more information about it online in the future and it may also be featured in Singaporean newspapers and on TV. It’s really something special and its launch should be accompanied by plenty of fanfare.

Now that you know more about this island, you’ll be ready to decide if it suits your holiday preferences. It probably won’t be a cheap place to visit. However, this sustainable holiday destination is one which will allow you to enjoy the very best pampering, while also seeing exceptional eco-friendliness in action.

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