Are you eligible to travel with visa waiver program?

Are you eligible to travel with visa waiver program?
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Imagine reaching at airport to travel the United States for negotiating the contract with worthwhile US business. Landing the contract certainly will lead to great profit for European company. Moreover, you also have taken necessary precautions for ensuring smooth trip such as arrived quite early for theflight;get an approval for ESTA program for some eligible countries, book hotel and necessary car rental well in advance. When you go at check-in counter, flight agent starts questioning aboutyourlatest business trip. After discussion, agent apologises and informs that you are not allowed to board flight, and no more eligible to travel through Visa Waiver Program. Astonishingly, you should now return your home, possibly lose out your prospective business, and deal with visa procedure.

Why you are notentitled to travel under program of Visa Waiver?

Unluckily, the above given scenario is now becoming more common. When online esta application was filled after February 2016, possibly you may noticeseveral added questions in the application. Like for instance, it asks an applicant to declare if theyhave been a national of some other country.  The huge majority of travellersgoing to the United States through Visa Waiver Program arepossibly unaware about any changes of the program, since ESTA application is valid for 2 years.

Who does the ESTA affect?

On their face, most common group affected by this Act are those travelling to listed countries. However, greater number of people who have dual nationals are restricted to apply for Business trip to usa under ESTA because of new regulations. It is vital to note that passport is only a document for travel. While the valid passport will definitely be used as a proof of citizenshipbut citizenship does not get lost when your document is damaged or expired.

Citizenship of any given country depends on that country’s rules and regulations. For example, some nations do not allow dual nationality, and immediately revoke citizenship for nationals who have obtained a second citizenship. Alternatively, other countries require a formal process of renunciation before you are no longer considered to be a citizen. In the most extreme cases, a country may never allow you to renounce your citizenship, and will consider you to be a national for life.

What is next step?

If you no more entitled to travel under ESTA or Visa Waiver Program, because you already visited the listed countries subsequent to 1 March 2011, or when you have dual national of the Visa Waiver Country, you should obtain relevant US visa prior to traveling.


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