Are Buses Safe to Travel in Mexico?

Are Buses Safe to Travel in Mexico?
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Are overnight buses in Mexico are safe and comfortable? There are many such questions which come to mind before you travel to Mexico.

Taking the bus is the right decision if you are traveling to Mexico. You are going to be safe, no luggage will be lost, the bus won’t be robbed, and the roads are nice. On one sentence, yes, traveling in overnight buses in Mexico is quite safe.

If it is comfortable or not will depend on your choice of the bus. There are buses of 1st Class and 2nd Class categories, and also other companies are bringing fancy buses on many routes, such as ADO. You are going to get ADO gold and ADO platinum. Traveling via ADO platinum is like getting a massage in a spa.

The 1st class buses are pretty much ok. The seats recline, there is a suitable quantity of space for the feet, yet oddly some buses have extra room than others.

There is air conditioning, two TV screens in each bus, where they play a movie or more before it is bedtime. There is a commode. In global contrast, Mexican overnight buses aren’t anything like overnight buses in Cambodia where you may rest and extend your legs if you don’t have too much height; however, they are not as negative as Ethiopian ones, blowing up loud songs, driving horribly slowly and filled with trash.

What are the bus stations like?

The fabulous bus terminals are also typically called ADO stations, named for their primary operator, and also, they are mainly in great condition. Some have complimentary wi-fi and power electrical outlets, some even for USB, coffee bar and clean commodes. It isn’t hazardous or unpleasant to wait there for a couple of hours if requirement be.

You can get bus tickets Mexico through bus station ticket counters. But also, you can make your tickets online.

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