3 Reasons to Visit Turks and Caicos In 2017

3 Reasons to Visit Turks and Caicos In 2017
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From being home to the world’s best beach and the world’s third largest coral barrier reef system to some of the world’s best weather to the most exhilarating water sporting opportunities out there, as well as a treasure trove of different islands, cays and even real life pirate caves to explore – if you have been looking into holidaying in TCI, these are all probably reasons to do so that you have already discovered for yourself.

If not, you can learn more about all of the above by heading over to the Visit TCI website which permits users to explore the country by island. Meanwhile to learn more about the most popular tourist locale, that of Grace Bay where (of course) the world’s best beach is situated, head over to the Trip Advisor website.

Because just about every blog, article and feature floating about the internet extolling the many (and there are many, that is undeniable) reasons to visit TCI cover all the above attractions, this article aims to provide three reasons to hit TCI for your Summer 2017 holidays that don’t usually get a mention.

  • Potcake Place

Potcake Place is located in Providenciales, making it an ideal day out for those staying at any one of the luxury resorts to populate the region, including both The Beach House Boutique Hotel and The Blue Haven Resort (one of TCI’s newest and most sumptuous) to name but two excellent examples.

But what is Potcake Place? Whilst the name might give the idea that Potcake Place is in fact a restaurant, in actual fact it is the home of a famous TCI charity and dog rescue centre. The name derives from the specific breed of dog that live there and which are referred to a ‘potcakes’ thanks to their exotic mixed heritage.

The potcake dog is a hybrid born of various different breeds which British, European and American travellers and sailors brought over in times gone by, and which together bred on the island. The result is both totally adorable and provides a bit of pause for thought (pun resisted) as potcakes despite being adorable were left on the island to breed freely and live feral. This resulted in a huge population of potcakes that now the charity and team at Potcake Place are attempting to care for, home and prevent form further feral breeding.

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Visitors are welcome to the centre as awareness, donations and adoptions are all of course encouraged. Hence, Potcake Place has become somewhat of a tourist attraction over the years with visitors even being permitted to take a potcake pups out for walkies whilst going about their holidaying or exploration of the surrounding sights and TCI countryside. To learn more and see what these gorgeous pups look like for yourself, head over to the Potcake Place website.

  • La Famille Express Wreck

What visitto a paradise tropical island and once stop off of rum runners and pirates would be complete without heading out to see a real life ship wreck?

Not quite a shipwrecked pirate ship (those old wooden things tended notto survive very long once wrecked, of course), but a huge Express freighter whose rusted and emptied remains still well, literally remain as a testament to the sheer force and scale of Hurricane Ike, this is one sight that is not to be missed.

Built in the early fifties as a Russian cargo ship, the La Famille broke free of its mooring and found its way into and through the Caribbean Sea in 2004 when Hurricane Frances kicked up a literal storm. You can find the La Famille shipwreck today where it came to port rather unexpectedly on a reef two miles out from Providenciales.

In the meantime, you can learn more and as well explore the La Famille virtually by giving this Youtube video watch, which provides a rather unique and exciting look at and inside a wreck that once lived through the 19632 Cuban Missile Crisis before retiring in TCI.

  • Da Conch Shack & Rum Bar

Despite being a small, laid back and humble self proclaimed ‘shack’, this is a spot that has managed to have the BBC, the Travel Channel, CNN and The NY Times all calling it one of the world’s top, sexiest and best beach bars going.

Then, what better way to finish off a day of exploring the treasures of TCI than sipping an authentic Caribbean rum cocktail in what is quite possibly the most famous and best loved rum bar in the whole of TCI?To do so and find out how to get there, visit Da Conch Shack & Rum Bar website.

Whilst on their website, be sure to take a moment to find out about their signature shot – the conch knocker, as well as give their menu a look-through; after all, nobody can visit TCI without sampling the national delicacy of conch. We’ll leave it up to you though to decide whether to opt to have it tossed in a tasty salad or whether you’re brave enough to dare to down a ‘conch knocker’ shot at Da Rum Bar!

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