Wakatobi Dive Resort: the Supreme Accommodation to Enjoy the Best Diving Place on the Planet

Wakatobi Dive Resort: the Supreme Accommodation to Enjoy the Best Diving Place on the Planet
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Wakatobi is a vast area in Southeastern Sulawesi Province, frequently regarded as the most excellent best diving destination in the whole world. This isn’t an exaggeration because Wakatobi does have the most extensive marine biodiversity on the planet. This location is protected by law and mostly controlled by Wakatobi National Park.

The most fabulous accommodation you can see in this archipelago is Wakatobi Dive Resort. This luxury resort offers a service that can get you in and out of Wakatobi. Read more to know more about Wakatobi Dive Resort.

The location

It is a secluded place, you want a distinctive way to get there. Fortunately, you can make a reservation in Bali. The private charter flight will transport you from Bali to their own purpose-built airstrip in less than three hours, accompanied by a short boat ride to your own resort.

Diving Spots

It’s not an exaggeration when people say there are endless diving areas in Wakatobi. It is only that everywhere you decide to dive, you’ll find a brilliant and healthy marine life. The hotel never claimed to cater to all dive sites in Wakatobi. However, they could get you to more than 60 areas, from those acceptable for snorkeling into those who could only be reached using specialized equipment.

Personalized vacation

If you’ve got a dream holiday on the mind, you can realize this here. Whether it’s for a special event or for a particular need, you can tailor your vacation here according to your requirement. The resort even caters to a need through your dream vacation may not involve diving in any way. They can also help you if you’d like to do this in Bali. You may even get concierge services, personal guides, and private drivers after you leave Wakatobi for Bali.

Comfortable accommodation

Despite its remote location, the service of this hotel is comparable to those four or five-star hotels. You will reside in a bungalow or a hallway, everyone is very spacious and equipped with air conditioner. You’ll acquire extensive amenities, including high-speed satellite net access. The prices here start from USD315 to USD1145 per night.

Delicious Food

Among the main selling points of this resort is its own food. Fresh ingredients and expert chef are the keys to the yummy food which you can find here.

Wakatobi is definitely enjoyable in every spot. But if you would like to enjoy a comprehensive luxurious provider, you may want to remain in Wakatobi Dive Resort. Aside from providing fantastic lodging, this resort also provides you transport and other services to make sure that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest.



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