The City of Love: Get the Best of Paris with Paris Tours

The City of Love: Get the Best of Paris with Paris Tours
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Everyone going to France or neighboring countries knows one thing; Paris is the city of love. It is an old maxim that perfectly describes Paris because of its impressive attractions. From its gothic structures to fantastic culture, everything in Paris sparkles. And there is no better way to get the thrill of these attractions than using Paris Tours.

Travel Back in Time by Visiting the National Archives

Whether you are on a short stay in Paris or have a longer period to explore the magnificent city, a visit to the National Archives will not disappoint. It will be an opportunity to step back in time and learn where the thrill of Paris began.

The National Archives is an amazing monument located in North-Eastern Paris. It is the best place to experience different political regimes and the two World Wars. With our Paris Tours guides, the memories of the 20th century will roar back in an amazing way. Why read about the WWI in books only? It is time to feel it at the National Archives!

A Special Moment at the Busy Gare du Nord railway Station

When Gare du Nord railway station is mentioned, what comes into the mind is the second most important station in the globe based on passenger traffic. The station is a gothic structure that was designed by Jacques-Ignace Hittorff during the era of Baron Hausmann and Napoleon III.

You will also visit the Enclos Saint-Lazare, the biggest enclosure in Paris, and Saint-Vincent de Paul’s church that was also designed by Hirtoff in 1824. This will be an amazing opportunity to see some of the works that include slabs of enamelted lava and painted friezes.

Your visit to the station will not be complete without checking into the Saint-Quentin indoor market that features anecdotes of Paris Fairs that were held in the tenth district.

Learn about the History of Cars in the Citroen Museum

The Conservatoire Citroën: The Parisian Museum has 300 vehicles put in four primary categories starting from 1919 to date. You no longer have to only read about the Général de Gaulle’s Citroën DS or the victorious ZX Rally Raid Paris-Dakar, all of them are right here in Paris for you to see. Our Paris Tours guide will vividly explain to you why these engineering marvels stand out and how they continue informing modern auto designs.

To enjoy these and other amazing discoveries in Paris, book your place here in the Paris Tours.

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