Pizzas – The Tasteful Delicacies Of The Modern World

Pizzas – The Tasteful Delicacies Of The Modern World
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Known for their mouth-watering taste yet defamed as unhealthy junk food, pizzas can actually be very healthy and nutritious. Did you know that they are actually a staple Italian diet? It’s the cooking method, freshness of ingredients, quality of the cheese, and type of oil that make a pizza healthy or unhealthy. When cooked with fresh ingredients, these flatbreads can be extremely healthy and tasty, both at the same time. Which is why you should be selective when choosing a pizza house.

The pizza houses like DoublePizza specialize in cooking highly healthy and tantalizing pizzas across Montreal. You even get the option to choose the bread base – wheat flour or corn flour. So, if trying to locate a pizza house in Montreal, you must pick Double Pizza. The 6 best specialties of this pizza house that’ll tickle your taste buds are given below.

1. American Pepperoni Pizza

The American Pepperoni pizza contains a tantalizing mixture of fresh cheese and pepperoni sauce with fine slices of tomato toppings. You can also customize it as a double cheese pizza with more vegetables like mushrooms and onions for added taste. It serves the purpose of a full meal when served with cabbage salad and small potato fries. It starts from 9.74$.

2. Hawaiian Pizza

An absolute delight for non-vegetarians, this lightly sugary pizza is loaded with cheese, pineapple, tomato sauce, and ham. It tastes best when sprinkled with chili flakes and oregano seasoning. It starts from 10.24$.

3. Any Garnie Pizza

Delivering an entire platter of fresh vegetables, the Any Garnie pizza is made with cheese, tomato sauce, green peppers, mushrooms, and pepperoni. Starting from just 10.74$, it is quite filling when eaten with small fries and McCain Chocolate cake.

4. Halal All Garnished Pizza

A haven of fresh veggies and meat, the Halal All Garnished pizza has a soft base covered generously with tomato sauce and Pepperoni Halal. Its creamy texture comes from fresh cheese blended with mushrooms and green peppers.

5. Mexican Pizza

Sure to give you the real taste of spicy Mexican food, the Mexican pizza is made with strong peppers. The soft base is plastered with a tangy tomato sauce cooked with cheese, onions, and beef toppings.

6. Mediterranean Pizza

Sway in the aromatic breeze of the Mediterranean Pizza made with cheese and tomato sauce, garnished with fresh farm vegetables including mushrooms, tomatoes, Kalamata, Parmesan, Feta, and olives. You can customize this vegetable delight by including more vegetables or getting rid of the ones that you do not like. It starts from 12.49$.

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